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Whether it's how to get home with a broken spoke or how to look after your ITBs, we're here to help!

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Stop Wasting Time On Your ITBs

Posted: 01/02/2024 Guest Posts

Do you have sore or tight ITBs? Put down the foam roller! Here's a much better way relieve ITB issues and get you riding pain-free.   Read More

Women in fitness attire, talking inside a studio. One is holding a yoga mat.

A Cyclist's Guide To Foam Rolling

Posted: 10/01/2022 Guest Posts

What is foam rolling? Why is it so important for cyclists? Find out the benefits of foam rolling, how to do it properly, and how to make it less painful.   Read More

A woman in lycra cycling gear, sitting at a table at a cafe and studying her phone

Tips for Tingles

Posted: 01/03/2021 Guest Posts

What do you do if your arm goes tingly when riding downhilll? Remedial massage expert Holly Hicks has the answer.   Read More

Remedial stretch therapist Holly Hicks sitting on a yoga mat and doing a seated twist

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I was going to email you last Friday after riding the Bossi. It's fantastic and feels like a whole new bike. It's super smooth and quiet. The new tyres are great too. I rode the Focus on Sunday and had a similar experience. The last two Thursday nights I've been out on trails with…Chris Bradley
A custom-built Bossi Grit titanium gravel bike, viewed from the side, a colourful graffitied wall in the background
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