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Three Possible Reasons You're Waking Up Sore

Posted: 04/07/2022 Tips & Tricks

Do you ache when you wake? Here are 3 possible causes & how to fix it. Discover what could be holding you back, and get ready to bounce out of bed in the morning without pain or stiffness.   Read More

5 Easy Ways To Get More Comfortable On Your Bike

Posted: 01/05/2022 Tips & Tricks

Do you get sore riding a bike? Here are 5 tips to help ease the pain. Numb fingers, aching shoulders, squished and tender bits -- no, thanks! Let BMCR show you some simple ways to get more comfortable. After all, it's hard to have fun on a bicycle when things are hurting.   Read More

Should I Wax My Bike Chain?

Posted: 05/04/2022 Tips & Tricks

Should you wax your bike chain, or is it a waste of time & money? Get ready for some controversy as BMCR dives in from a mechanic's viewpoint.   Read More


How to save money on your bike service

Posted: 07/03/2022 Tips & Tricks

Make your next bike service cheaper with our five easy tips. You'll learn how to save money on bicycle repairs, how to prevent small things becoming big (and expensive) problems and, as a bonus, the sentence that all bike mechanics secretly hate.   Read More

BMCR's Guide To Buying A Cheap-Ass Bike

Posted: 01/12/2021 Tips & Tricks

Should you buy a cheap bike? Let's go down the rabbit hole. How much should you spend? What's the best brand of cheap bike? And where should you get one? Here's our ultimate guide.   Read More

How To Mess Up A Tube Replacement

Posted: 01/09/2021 Tips & Tricks

Changing a tube to sort out a flat tyre is pretty easy... if you know which mistakes to avoid. And there are more of them than you'd think. Cyclists, read on for our easy guide to avoiding a long walk home.   Read More

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My wheel is excellent after your hub service. I had been to another bike shop close to me twice within days with the wheel cones and cassette coming loose after both services (very frustrating and disappointing not to mention waste of money and time) before I came to BMCR. Your service, both…Paul Albinger
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