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Just wanted to say how much better my bike is now that you fixed it. I really appreciate the wonderful service you provide (rain and shine). I love riding my bike and your service just makes riding even more enjoyable, so smooth. Thank you yet again. Amazing same-day service also appreciated.Brigitte Sloot
I must thank you for the service and great work that you do. My bike has never felt (and sounded) better, and I am so pleased I was referred to your shop.Jason Amos
It's incredible! From the moment I took it off the bike rack, and put it on the ground, it made zero vibration sounds. Just the sound of raw tyre to brick knock, and a gentle chain clank to the derailleur cage. Gone were the standing-vibrations that rattled throughout the entire bike. I'm again standing up on climbs, in hard gears, doing short sprints, with confidence that the drivetrain is not about to part ways from intended function, splitting my kneecap onto the stem. On the trainer, it sits firmly and still. The choice of bar tape, the application of perfectly distributed wraps, carefully thought-out wrapping with zero bumps, is an incredible improvement. It's not a new bike. It's better; it's a BMCR-serviced bike.Tom Bammann
It's brilliant. I didn't think the poor old bike was too bad before - but it's like chalk & cheese! So quiet! Thanks & see you again soon.Alan Hixson
A bike that runs well is a joy for ever; My ride to work's delightful, it will never End up in tears or bring a sense of failure Now that I have a freshly tuned derailleur.J. Wilson
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My bike is smooth as silk and better than new!! It is always a pleasure to ride after a trip to BMCR. Only trouble is I seem to be acquiring more bikes than I can afford to maintain. Maybe I will have to sell one of the children.Bryn Richards
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