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BMCR will be closed from noon Friday December 22 for the festive season re-opening on Tuesday January 2. Happy holidays!

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The bike has been great, thanks. I was extremely happy with the work that was carried out. It was far and above the best quality strip down and rebuild that I have experienced.Geoff Monaghan
You guys are amazing! Best service I have had in a long time in any shop and easily best service I have ever had a bike store. Great communication, listened, reasonable priced. You absolutely nail everything. My friends had all said great things about you and they under-sold the service. Very impressed.Tristan Johnstone
Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Bossi. I’ve had the best summer messing about on it - what a machine! You absolutely nailed it. All your help choosing the size really paid off, it fits like a glove. All-day epic rides are a pleasure with no comfort issues whatsoever. I’ve conquered terrain I never thought possible on a drop bar bike with no suspension. The 46T chain ring you recommended was genius, it’s a goddam rocket ship. I also love how quiet it is; all you can hear is the satisfying hum of the tyres as they glide over the tarmac – you can tell it’s been put together by a true professional. It looks amazing as well, a real head turner – I get asked about it all the time. I spent a long time researching and saving up for my dream bike and I’m so glad I went with you guys. You made what could have been a stressful experience enjoyable, and I always felt you had nothing but my best interests at heart. Your help, advice and expertise have been invaluable, your service second to none, and the end product is an absolute weapon. I can’t help but grin like an idiot every time I ride my Bossi and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. I will treasure it always.Philip Needs
Just wanted to say how much better my bike is now that you fixed it. I really appreciate the wonderful service you provide (rain and shine). I love riding my bike and your service just makes riding even more enjoyable, so smooth. Thank you yet again. Amazing same-day service also appreciated.Brigitte Sloot
I must thank you for the service and great work that you do. My bike has never felt (and sounded) better, and I am so pleased I was referred to your shop.Jason Amos
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Thanks for your massive effort in retrieving the internal cabling on the Ridley. It's a job I would never have been able to do myself, and I cringe with embarrassment to think of the three of you working on the one bike for an hour to get it done. [BMCR: That's what we're here for…Karim Soetratma
Custom-built and custom-painted titanium Curve Belgie, a colourful graffitied wall in the background
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