260 Waymouth Street, Adelaide
South Australia, 5000
(look for the little green warehouse!)
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 6pm
Saturday * - 10am to 3pm
* Closed public holiday weekends
Telephone us 08 8410 9499

Our Range of Bikes

Whether you're looking for a sweet trail bike, a CroMoly tourer, or a nippy commuter, we've got it! Just click the logos below to check out the range...

Curve: Adventurers on wheels, Curve push the boundaries of cycling design (and physical endurance -- they're the guys who invented the IndyPac!).

Surly: Surly is synonymous with many things ('churlish' for one; yes, we have a dictionary) but we think it stands for steel. Surly bikes are well designed, well built, and will last for a long, long time.


Vivente: "We are offering bikes that make getting rid of the car possible," they say. Darned tootin'.

Liteville: German precision and attention to details means that these are beautiful, light, strong frames. A pleasure to own!

Open: A boutique bicycle company, dedicated to detail.