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BMCR's Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to book a service in advance?

Booking is highly recommended. Due to demand, the workshop is usually booked out two to four weeks in advance, though we always try to accomodate emergency repairs where we can.

However, if you're happy to leave your bike/shock/bits with us for a while, feel free to drop them in and we'll get you sorted as soon as we can.

How often should I get my bike serviced?

Do you ride throughout the year? Then pre- and post-winter servicing is recommended.

If you ride less often or have a budget to work to, an annual service (preferably post-winter) should keep your bike ticking along nicely.

For suspension, we recommend yearly servicing. You don't want to leave suspension stuff for too long: small issues become big and expensive problems very quickly.

Forks or shock leaking? That’s not good, and you don't want to ignore it. Bring them in and we'll get them sorted.

Can you do on-the-spot jobs?

Unfortunately not. (Sorry!)

However, if you book in advance and let us know that you need your bike back by a certain time, we'll do our best to work to your schedule.

Can you do same-day servicing?

We can certainly do gear and brake service work as a same-day job. General services usually need to stay with us overnight.

All suspension work needs to be dropped in at the beginning of the week, and we'll aim to have it ready to go for that weekend's riding.

If you have specific dates to work to, just let us know when you make a booking.

Do you repair carbon frames?

We can repair some carbon fork steerers in-house. We used to also take care of frames, but unfortunately our carbon frame repairer of choice is no longer operating. To the best of our knowledge, there are currently no carbon repairers in Adelaide; we'd suggest getting in contact with the guys from Carbon Steed in QLD.

Do you do fixed-price servicing?

We work on an hourly rate, rather than set prices, as an hourly rate is fairer.

Fixed price servicing assumes that everything will be wrong with your bike, and it also means that you end up getting charged the maximum rate even if nothing was repaired.

Instead, our hourly rate ($120) means you're only charged for the time actually spent on your bike.

You also get a full itemised receipt with all of the parts, labour and notes on it, so you know exactly what's been done.

How long does a custom build take?

While they used to take a minimum of 2-3 months, world-wide complications from COVID have extended the timeline on most custom bike builds -- six to twelve months is now normal, depending on component availability. The results are worth the wait, though!

Do you work on e-bikes?

No, sorry. (But almost every other bike shop in Adelaide does, so get Googlin'.)

Can I get an insurance quote?

You sure can!

We can quote for repairs (including frame repairs), and potentially replacement (depending on the type of bike).

Insurance quotes are $50, fully redeemable upon the job going ahead as quoted.

Do you hire out bikes?

No, sorry, but Bike SA do. Hence ye forth!

Can I do work experience at BMCR?

No, sorry.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All the usual ones -- cash, credit card, EFTPOS -- as well as direct deposits.

Feel free to also try bribing us with chocolate. It may not work, but what's the harm?

Do you offer lay-by on bicycles?

Yes, we do!

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