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Surly Steamroller | Craig's Custom Build

A tough-as-nails commuter in a singlespeed package

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The brief

Craig was looking for a commuter bike. It needed to be strong, reliable and as simple as possible.

A Surly Steamroller would be perfect, but was no longer made as a complete bike. We jumped at the opportunity to instead create one as a one-off custom build.

The bike

For the ultimate in low maintenance and simplicity, a single-speed bike is hard to beat. First we had to find a gear ratio that would suit Craig's needs. (After all, it's no good building a single-speed bike if it's too hard or too easy to pedal.)

Next was the component choice. As the Steamroller frameset was yellow with black decals, sticking as much as possible to all-black components would really help highlight the contrasting colours.

A flatbar set-up would give Craig excellent control and also a more upright position, perfect for a better line of sight while riding in traffic.

We added Ergon grips for their ergonomic shape and comfort, and a BBB saddle as the shape was ideal.

Finally, we laced up a set of wheels with touring rims for strength and reliability.

With a blend of high-quality components and a streamlined build, this is a cheerful commuter that's hard to miss.

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What You Say

It's incredible! From the moment I took it off the bike rack, and put it on the ground, it made zero vibration sounds. Just the sound of raw tyre to brick knock, and a gentle chain clank to the derailleur cage. Gone were the standing-vibrations that rattled throughout the entire bike. I'm…Tom Bammann
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