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Ergon Grips & Saddles

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Ergon Saddles and Grips Review

Have you ever had a saddle which pokes you in exactly the wrong spot, or grips that leave your hands cramped and tired? Then you’ll know exactly how important it is to get your contact points right.

This is where Ergon comes in.

With a swag of awards under their belt, this German company focuses on not only reducing aches and pains but also increasing riding efficiency.

In case it wasn’t clear from the name, Ergon are devoted to ergonomics. This means creating products which support your body’s organic position and function, rather than forcing your body to fit something it wasn’t designed for.

You may already be familiar with Ergon’s flagship wing grip. First launched in 2004, the wing design was a game-changer for cyclists who were trying to find a solution to numb or painful hands. From there, the Ergon range has expanded to include saddles, seat posts, gloves and more, each line focusing on how the body should be naturally positioned to optimise cycling comfort and efficiency. But saddles and grips are really their primary focus, which is why we’ve got ‘em in the shop.

Ergon grips

Ergon’s bike grips are designed to eliminate numb fingers and sore palms. They also offer relief from ulnar nerve pain. (Have you ever had your little fingers go numb on a ride? That’s because your ulnar nerve has been compressed, which ain’t great.)

Are Ergon grips worth it? Absolutely. By putting your hands in the correct position, they improve the distribution of pressure, relieving pressure points. Not only do your hands feel better, but these grips also ensure that your wrists aren’t bent, which can help to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. On top of all that, they also reduce forearm and shoulder fatigue.

Ergon saddles

Like their grips, Ergon have designed their saddles to address the two main problems that bike riders suffer: numbness and pressure points.

Pressure points tend to happen if the rider’s weight isn’t distributed properly, leading to too much compression on the soft tissue bits. (That’s basically everything in the pants department that you don’t want to be squished.) Pressure points can also be complicated by compressed nerves, leading to a host of numbness and pain issues.

Are Ergon saddles comfortable? They sure are, which is why we use them on a lot of custom builds.

Ergon saddles concentrate on transferring weight to the less-sensitive areas. They couple this with a relief channel through the middle, making sure nothing soft and sensitive is getting pinched or squashed.

The saddles also come in different widths to make sure that there’s enough support for your sit bones while still leaving the legs free for movement. You’ll stay comfy when climbing, and also have the freedom of movement you need when descending.

What size Ergon grip or saddle do I need?

Rather than going for an outdated one-size-fits-all approach, the different sizes for Ergon's grips and saddles mean you’ll be able to find the one that will suit you best.

Ergon saddle sizing is based on your sitbone measurement, a simple test that we can do in-store to make sure you’re taking home exactly the right match.

The simplest way to work out your grip size is to go on what glove size you normally take. Large glove? Large grip. You can also come in and have a feel; you’ll know pretty quickly what’s going to be right for you.

No matter what your discipline, Ergon will get you riding pain-free.

We keep a wide range of grips plus the most popular saddles in stock. Come in and check them out!

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