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Bossi Grit SX | Peter's Custom Build

Ready to rail, from the road to the gravel

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The brief

As he was from a road-riding background, Peter wanted a forever bike that would easily switch between road trips with his friends and his new gravel adventures.

The solution was easy: a Bossi Grit with two wheelsets that could easily be interchanged, depending on the terrain (and mood).

The bike

Although the simplicity of 1X is perfect for gravel, Peter was still going to be doing quite a few kilometres on the road; a single chain ring set-up means that there are large jumps between the rear gears, which isn't ideal for road-riding. A 2X GRX groupset was therefore the pick -- Pete got the wide gearing he needs for off-road use plus suitable gears for the road. And it's Di2, of course, because why not?

As we saw with Paul's Grit SX, having two wheelsets also solves the issue of needing to swap tyres, etc., for different terrains. We hand-built both wheelsets with Tune hubs, using ever-reliable DT Swiss rims for the off-road wheels and a set of 40mm Bossi carbon rims for the road.

Up the front end, a set of lightweight carbon Easton EC70 AX bars will help keep vibrations to a mininum. These bars are especially good for multi-use bikes like this as the sweep is great for gravel use but not so crazy that it's unsuitable for road riding.

We topped the build off with a sleek-yet-comfortable Ergon SM Pro saddle, plus check out that rubbery Fizik Terra bar tape -- if that isn't going to give you grip, we don't know what will.

Happy adventures, Peter, wherever you may travel!

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What You Say

It's incredible! From the moment I took it off the bike rack, and put it on the ground, it made zero vibration sounds. Just the sound of raw tyre to brick knock, and a gentle chain clank to the derailleur cage. Gone were the standing-vibrations that rattled throughout the entire bike. I'm…Tom Bammann
A Bossi Grit SX titanium gravel bike in a custom build, including a red hand-painted headtube decal
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