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Tune Bicycle Components

Born in the Black Forest

In 1988, someone asked the question, "How can we make bicycle components better...and lighter?" And thus Tune was born.

Beginning with their legendary quick-release skewer, Tune has developed into a company dedicated to creating functional, beautiful and super-lightweight bike parts in all the colours of the rainbow.

Riders such as Jan Ulrich, Mike Kluge, Sabine Spitz and the Fumic Brothers are devoted fans. Twelve-time German downhill champion Markus Klausmann and the Ghost Racing team have also proved that Tune components may be light but they're also tough.

Whether you want a beautiful wheelset or perhaps a bottle cage that weighs a mere 10.5g, we've got skewers, saddles, wheels, and more.

(Seriously, who can resist a saddle that clocks in at 66g?)

What You Say

It ran like a dream in the adventure race. I especially appreciated the work you did on the brakes; lots of people complained that theirs weren't working properly and mine were solid all day. There was an awesome downhill and some people had to walk their bikes due to a lack of braking...Ray Scheuboeck
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