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Tune Bicycle Components

Born in the Black Forest

Tune bike accessories review

First of all, who is Tune?

Uli Fahl started Tune in 1989 after becoming frustrated with the weight of his mountain bike. In his quest to make it lighter, Uli began to create his own components. When he released the super-light AC8 quick-release skewer, the cycling world took notice… and Tune was born.

Tune’s mission is to create bicycle components which are as innovative as they are lightweight. Today Tune is one of the world’s best bike component brands, and their range encompasses everything from hubs, wheels and stems to saddles, bottle cages and their much-imitated wheel skewers.

As a company, Tune is also committed to sustainability. Their HQ in southern Germany uses solar power, and they recycle much of the leftover scrap metal from their milling processes. It’s also not unheard to get a parcel from Tune in a re-used (rather than new and branded) box.

Let’s have a look at some of our most popular Tune components.

Tune wheelsets

Tune are particularly known for their wheelsets and hubs. Why? Because, as Uli explains, “the wheels are the best way to save weight. Due to the rotating masses, every gram of weight saved has a particularly noticeable effect here.”

We have sold Tune wheelsets for years, and also have them on our own bikes. There are multiple options available, but if you’re looking for a light, reliable and high-performance road wheelset, the TSR22 is one of our favourites. Check it out on these custom Open Cycles UP and Open Cycles Wide builds.

Tune hubs

Tune’s superlight hubs are a perfect finishing touch for a hand-built wheelset, especially if you’re a weight weenie or want a splash of anodised colour to finish off your build. (Check out the pics at the bottom of this page for a taste of the Tune rainbow!)

With high-quality bearings and excellent reliability, Tune hubs are all CNC-machined in their factory from aerospace-grade aluminium. There are options for road, gravel and mountain bike – basically any rider who wants the very best for their rig.

We have done many custom builds featuring Tune hubs, such as this Bossi Grit SX and Surly Krampus. Of course, sometimes you need something a little bit extra, such as the blue Tune hubs on this incredible custom-painted Bossi Summit. Or how about a set of limited-edition Tune Princess ULImited hubs on this stealth Bossi Strada? (Scroll through the gallery to spot the face of Uli, Tune’s founder, etched into the hub surface.)

Tune saddles

Pete has been a roadie for decades and has ridden many different saddles (not to mention test-ridden thousands of bikes at the workshop). His bike seat of choice? Tune’s Komm-Vor Plus: 88 carbony grams of pure comfort.

Tune also make the Komm-Vor saddle for road and mountain biking, plus the equally impressive Speed Needle saddle range. They have to be seen to be believed.

If you want the kind of seat that inspires awe and envy in your ride pack (or strangers at the cafe asking if they can touch it), a Tune saddle is for you. But don’t take our word for it – La Velocita agrees.

Tune seat posts

The stunning Tune Starkes Stück seat post is aluminium, which means that, unlike carbon, you can cut it to any length your heart desires. It's available in 340mm or 420mm, and the laser-etched height markings will give you a helping hand to find your sweet spot. It's also machined inside for lightness, making it around 180 grams of 7075 grade alloy.

Looking to go even lighter? Then you’ll want the Leichtes Stück seat post, which saves up to 40g on its brother and gives more flex. (Plus the machining sort of looks like scaffolding, which is pretty cool.)

Tune Schraubwürger seat post clamp

Fun fact: ‘schraubwürger’ translates roughly to ‘strangler’. Would you like a Tune seatpost strangler? Sure you would.

(Come on; it's a clamp. There's only so much we can write about it.)

Tune Geiles Teil Head Stem

The beautiful Geiles is a stiff, strong CNC-machined stem which is also (wait for it) extremely lightweight. It’s available in lengths from 50mm to 120mm, and in multiple colours. Can you use it with carbon steerers and handlebars? Natürlich!

Check out one in action on this gorgeous custom Ibis Mojo. (And do we also spot a Komm-Vor on there? We do!)

Tune bottle cages

Tune carbon bottle cages are not only light but also extremely good-looking.

The Wasserträger is their classic all-rounder, available in a road/gravel version or a MTB model. Check it out on this lovely custom Open Cycles UP.

Tune also offer two side-loading cages – the Linksträger and Rechtsträger – which are especially handy for small frames or ones with minimal clearance inside the triangle.

Replenish your fluids with ease, even if you can't pronounce the name of your bidon holder.

Tune water bottles

We all know that we should be drinking more water, but how about a bottle which lovingly tells you in German exactly how much?

Tune's water bottle is perfect for race situations as the refill markers will let you add exactly the right amount of energy drink. It also gives you tips on sweat loss and optimal fluid replacement... er... if you can read German, that is. Even if you can't, it doesn't matter: it holds 750ml of anything you want, is BPA-free, and looks pretty swish, too.

In conclusion

So that’s a quick overview of some of the Tune components we love. The range is huge, however, so we haven’t covered every single model.

If there’s something you want to get your hands on, just get in touch!

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