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The brief

Cameron was looking for something to replace his high-end road bike. We have done some projects with Cameron in the past, and knew this would be an interesting build!

The bike

After checking his setup and discussing what kind of riding Cameron wanted to do, we agreed that a Bossi Summit was the best option.

As with previous projects, Cameron had a particular aesthetic in mind -- no simple ti/black theme was going to cut it here. We researched different colour options and decided that blue would contrast beautifully against the titanium.

The hubs were special-ordered from Tune, then sent to Bossi so they could colour-match the frame. They did a superb job -- look at those details!

Now to kit it out. In addition to the aesthetics, Cameron wanted the lightest bike we could build without compromising on safety. Knowing Cameron's tastes, it was obvious that a Dura-Ace groupset would be the only option (and is also Shimano's lightest groupset), so that part was easy.

Continuing the theme, we laced up low-profile carbon rims to lightweight round spokes, and chose a classic Tune Geiles Teil stem. We also couldn't resist adding a matching blue Tune top cap. (Do you blame us? Of course you don't.)

For comfort and excellent design, an SQ Lab saddle was picked -- and the fact that its blue details match the frame doesn't hurt either.

The final puzzle was the handlebar tape. We knew we couldn't exactly colour-match it, so we needed something different but equally special. We took a chance on Supacaz Oil Slick tape, and it paid off.

The result is a one-of-a-kind bike that's as beautiful as it is versatile.

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The wheel has performed great, thanks! I went in the Coast to Coast on the weekend and it was particularly smooth and responsive. Thanks for the high quality of workmanship and excellent customer service. I've told some others who I work with about my experience with BMCR and they are looking…Brendan Frears
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