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What you have to say about us...

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Your service in every way has been impeccable and gratefully appreciated.  The Giant is sailing across the tarmac now like a silver-footed Thetis reborn! Both her and her rider are sporting a new lease of life as a result :) Take care and hope to see y'all soon.

Travis Gottschutzke

Pete's bike fitting was incredibly thorough. Like a finely tuned instrument, his precision and attention to detail was far more impressive than the brief Ikea Alley Key once-over performed by the staff where I purchased the bike. Pete is the MacGuyver of the bike industry - at once stage needing nothing more than a piece of string! Thanks to the adjustments and new bars, riding is so much better because my arms don't feel like dropping off!

Rach Buchanan

After buying a brand new bike from overseas, I was very disappointed with the brakes. I took it to my LBS and was told to throw the brakes away and put some others on it. I took it to BMCR, who gave them a quick bleed and adjustment. They went from Formula Frigged to Formula Frigging Awesome. Best brakes I have ever used, and I have a new bike mechanic. Thanks again.

Charles Hatcher

It's brilliant. I didn't think the poor old bike was too bad before - but it's like chalk & cheese! So quiet! Thanks & see you again soon.

Alan Hixson

Wheels are great. I gave them a sound 40km thrashing at Boucle de Burbs (who thought a fixie could handle cobbled laneways and MTB trails!?) and they're still rolling smooth and crunch-free. Whatever that ticking was in the front wheel is gone, and I especially like the little details, like those things that crimp on over the end of my brake cables, whatever they're called - you guys don't miss a thing. Brilliant as always. Like I said, can't believe a $150 eBay fixie wheelset is still going strong after nearly 5 years of daily riding!

Vincent Coleman

My bike is smooth as silk and better than new!! It is always a pleasure to ride after a trip to BMCR. Only trouble is I seem to be acquiring more bikes than I can afford to maintain. Maybe I will have to sell one of the children.

Bryn Richards

I must thank you for the service and great work that you do. My bike has never felt (and sounded) better and I am so pleased I was referred to your shop.

Jason Amos

My wheels are round and the ride is smooth—thanks so much for the first-rate service! I was out on the weekend enjoying the new parts of the Mike Turtur bikeway and the pleasures of intact spokes…


You's have performed once again - my bike is back in action and riding like a dream. The new seals in my rear shock has changed the ride of my bike (for the better, I might add) - thanks guys! The shock is more responsive and staying in contact with the ground a lot better. I'm receiving more feedback from the rear tire as well which in turn is making the ride more enjoyable. The bike feels better than brand new and solid under foot! With only 19 days left till our next race I look forward to training between then and now. Thanks once again for your prompt and professional service. Even with the distance from us here in Broken Hill, the turn-around on repairs has been excellent!

George Adams

Just got home now after going the "long way home" and just wanted to let you know the Surly is back to form after the service you did today. The gears are changing without a hitch again and all bearings are running as smooth as silk again and the wheels are true and tight. So thanks again for your attention to detail.

Andrew Graham

I have just purchased a Whyte Stirling from you, and it was like stepping back in time or into a new world of excellence when dealing with people who care about selling quality products and providing a high level of friendly yet professional quality service.  I am led to believe by several independent people you are classed as the best bicycle mechanics in the city. My purchase prerequisites were: reliability, stopping power, quality components, comfort, looks, ease of maintenance; and straight-forward, honest, reliable sales and after-sales support. Between Whyte Bikes and Bio-Mechanics Cycles & Repairs this has been achieved. Well done and Thank You to you all.

David Wall

A bike that runs well is a joy for ever;
My ride to work's delightful, it will never
End up in tears of bring a sense of failure
Now that I have a freshly tuned derailleur.

J. Wilson

I have been cycling for over twenty years. I have had a range of bikes from commuter to racing road bikes. I have tried to support the cycling industry in Adelaide but have been very disappointed with the service (lack of service), the lack of product knowledge and attention to detail when having my bike serviced and purchasing appropriate cycling accessories. Then I stumbled across your shop... HOME RUN, PEOPLE! You are doing a great job, from your branding to your shop layout to the lady at the service desk who took my phone call, to the guys on the floor that diagnosed my bike issue and fixed the issue without fuss. I like your un-assuming style, your attention to the little things, and, most importantly, you took my bike problem away from me and dealt with it.

Customer For Life

To be honest with you, I was a bit sceptical when my fellow club members told me that their shocks were so buttery smooth and like new after they had been serviced. So I waited at home all weekend (anxiously) for their return. As soon as my big mate George dropped them off, I was on the tools putting them back on my Fisher so that I could hit the trails first thing in the morning. WOW. What a difference it has made. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Bio-Mechanics - you guys & girl (sorry Lia) rock! I'm looking forward to coming down to Adelaide again so that I can call in and introduce myself and say g'day.

Lance "Edgey" Edgecombe

I have always loved cycling and as an Anglican Priest found my bike a great way to visit members of the congregation, a great way to de-stress after praying with the sick and dying and of course my trusty bike saved me money and kept me fit. Recently I returned to parish life again and took my British-made 1980s hybrid to Bio-Mechanics for a service. I found Lia, Pete and Andrew most helpful in explaining what was required to return my bike to good working order. When further work was required SMS and phone calls kept me in touch and allowed me to choose options without a sense of pressure. I am very pleased with the result and now my cycle runs smoothly without grating gears and the all importent inner parts of cones and bearings and hubs I know have all been inspected, made safe and restored to good order.

I would recommend Bio-Mechanics given my experience and I always commend good customer service, craftsmanship and a love for well-crafted machinery. It's a respectful place for ordinary cyclists who use their bikes for short distance work and pleasure.

The Rev'd. Nicholas Rundle

I have been cycling for more than 20 years. During that time I have been to many different bike shops. What I like about BMCR is that it is unique. Beside the excellent and friendly service, the primary focus is on repairing bikes. Whenever Peter or Andrew have worked on my bike, I always get it back in such good working order that it almost doesn't feel like my bike. The products that they sell are also of excellent quality. Another unique fact: when a new bike comes in, Peter and Andrew completely strip it and then rebuild it! Peter said that the 80% factory assembly is not always "up to scratch". Today I picked up a new bike from BMCR and I know for a fact that any bike that rolls out the door is in pristine working condition! I rode about 40 kms from the shop to home and everything is just brilliant. All the extras that I wanted were all fitted. I even bought a light upon pick-up, I had barely paid for it and it was being fitted to my bike...amazing! 

All the bikes sold at BMCR are of a unique brand and quality. Before the BMCR crew started stocking road bikes, I asked Peter why he didn't; I remember Peter stating that he had not yet found a brand of road bike that he liked or thought was worthy of being stocked. He did not want his shop to be "just another bike shop" that stocked a brand that almost every other bike shop stocks. So if you are looking for a bike shop with EXCELLENT AND FRIENDLY service, if you want your bike to have THE BEST repairs, if you want to see UNIQUE BRANDS of bikes, or if you are into bikes and want to be heard and treated like a cyclist wants to be treated, then you have to go to see Peter, Lia and Andrew at BMCR. You just have to go there!

Nigel Brown

Thanks once again for helping me out the last few weeks. I just wanted to say that my Bianchi road bike rode like a dream on the BUPA ride (unlike half the field ) and the Kask Mojito helmet fits me amazingly well and is extremely conformable. I now can't wait to get some more wind in my hair now. :D In conclusion… you guys are amazing!!

Damien Brombal

Seeing a link to your D*BAD campaign recently reminded me of my great experience at your BMCR store in January. I had flown in from Sydney for the Tour Down  Under, quickly putting my bike together on arrival. In the process, to my significant frustration, I had managed to twist my chain to an unrecoverable point and the bike was unrideable. I found your store around the corner from my hotel and I rushed in with a request to save my bike quickly (and the rest of my holiday). Despite being flat out servicing bikes for current customers, Pete couldn't have been more helpful. Although he too wondered how I managed to get the chain in such a state, he was able to quickly fix it. Professional service delivered in good humour and with a smile. I'm looking forward to dropping in next year to say hello when I'm down for the Tour, whether I need something for my bike or not.

Simon Lyons

Thanks for your massive effort in retrieving the internal cabling on the Ridley. It's a job I would never have been able to do myself, and I cringe with embarrassment to think of the three of you working on the one bike for an hour to get it done. [BMCR: That's what we're here for, Karim! :-) ] There are many words that can be used to describe the job you had to do yesterday. Indeed, you may have explored the outer limits of your vocabulary in order to do so. But I choose to use the word "professional".  And that's why I keep coming back. High quality workmanship. High quality service. And mighty high quality people. Thanks again.

Karim Soetratma

Everything has been working flawlessly and I have been very happy with the build. Thanks to Pete for the exceptional attention to detail in preparing the frame from its less-than-ideal condition as shipped. I have used a lot of bike shops over the years and I honestly feel Bio-Mechanics (and obviously its staff) is unique in actually delivering all the facets of the service that all customers hope for and rarely get and all shops delude themselves they provide, but fall short due to time, poor communication or plain old 'can't-be-f*cked' apathy. As such I recommend you to a lot of my mates when they require something a bit more complex than a new inner tube. Keep up the good work!

Pat Bruse

Bike is working very nicely. Thanks again for the attention to detail. Just getting an itemised invoice is a novelty when it comes to a bike service. The only downside is I may now need to put off buying a new bike as I can't use the excuse that the current bike is at the end of its life! I'll certainly be coming back on a regular basis.

Steve Dametto

You guys do a super job at a sensible price. I often hear complaints about other bike outlets doing a less-than-acceptable job on repairs and maintenance, so I always recommend you guys. Keep up the good work and you will have a customer for as long as I can ride, which is hopefully a while yet!

Carey Goodall

Rode the bike this morning -- it's just like a new one again. It's amazing how you forget what a well-built bike should feel like. Well done again. You should see more of our group coming in for service work as your reputation grows. I think one has already booked in.

Chris Morrison

Gave my mountain bike a good sesh on the weekend -- first time since the service. For a four-year-old bike, amazingly it feels better than new! Thanks. Will more than likely get my road bike in for some lovin' in the near future too!

Andrew Hawkes

My bike has been going great. I am very impressed. I was just thinking yesterday that I should stop by and thank you all again for fixing it. It makes a huge difference to my daily commute.

Adam Thwaites

Your customer service is miles (kms) ahead of any other bike shop I've been to in 20 years of frequenting bike shops. Your communication with me before, during, and after the service was certainly appreciated. (A substantial improvement on the kind of service I have received from my local bike shop.) Thank you. As for the bike, everything is running smoothly and it delivered me to Victor Harbor on Sunday without missing a beat.

Chris Romanos

The wheel has performed great, thanks! I went in the Coast to Coast on the weekend and it was particularly smooth and responsive. Thanks for the high quality of workmanship and excellent customer service. I've told some others who I work with about my experience with BMCR and they are looking to drop their bikes in (in future), based on my recommendations.

Brendan Frears

The bike has performed flawlessly -- as usual I'm very happy with your work. (You must get sick of all the praise.) Over six hours of hard riding and absolutely no issues.

Nick Stokoe

Thanks heaps for the excellent service on my road bike. It feels soooo smooth and I reckon the gears change better than when I bought the bike new over five years ago. I will definitely come back with any servicing needs in the future.

John Burfield

Riding has been going sweetly since the fitting and tips re: pedal technique – thanks for that. Did a 100km ride up the Mawson and around Fox a couple of days afterwards and I certainly noticed the difference... and I didn't get foot cramp – nice! Great fitting session, very professional.

Ben Hogarth

Well, guys, I am impressed -- excellent after-sales service! The bike has been great. Pity it is not as easy to get the aging rider repaired.

Gavin Luders

I often wonder if my bike really needs a service, but when I ride away from your shop, it feels like riding a brand new bike and I know it needed your tender care. P.S. Did the breakaway in 50 mins less than expected so you must have fixed it right.

Brian Steinke

Since you fixed my bike, she's been running like a dream! It's all good! Even though it's a fixed gear, I kicked up some hills the other day and I was sure the chain would snap out but it didn't. So, a thousand thank yous! I sent my friend in last week to get his handlebars fixed and he has had no complaints since. I will be sure to refer anyone who needs quality bike repairs to BMCR.

Lawrence Hepworth

I just wanted to say that I am very happy with the job you did. I have been so impressed with the service you provide and have made a point of not going anywhere else for my bike needs. The service always exceeds my expectations both in speed and efficiency. I was pleasantly surprised also when I was able to get the cost reduced from what I was quoted as you were able to find a cheaper option. I find your prices quite competitive and in addition to the wonderful service I get each time I visit, I would not go anywhere else! I will certainly pass this on to any friends who may need your services. I'm glad you texted me today as I had been meaning to pass on my gratitude since then; it really stands out when you get superior service.

Chantelle Cox

I took it for a quick 20kms last night and it was running sweet with no noises for the first time in seven years. All ready for the 110km from Woodside to Goolwa on Friday. I must say I am very impressed with the quality and level of service from you both. I'll be looking at bringing the bike in the next couple of months for a suspension service and to ensure my settings are correct. I think we have the beginning of a new relationship.

Gavin Jeffries

It ran like a dream in the adventure race. I especially appreciated the work you did on the brakes; lots of people complained that theirs weren't working properly and mine were solid all day. There was an awesome downhill and some people had to walk their bikes due to a lack of braking...Suckers!!

Ray Scheuboeck

Wheel is absolutely perfect, much more true than it ever was from new. Am very happy - this is the second perfect repair.

Tony Hagoort

The bike is running beautifully, thanks. I will definitely be servicing my bike with you guys in the future and I have already been recommending my friends to you. Thanks again and I will be in touch soon. All the best.

Quinton Ewer

I can only say that my bike has been absolutely awesome since the service -- it feels tighter than Nicole Kidman's face!

Steve Button

My bike is super-smooth and quiet now, so much more of an enjoyable ride. I don't get people looking at me when I approach thinking what the hell that noise is.

Brenton Daddow

It is all good -- feel my left leg has come to the party at last, no pressure felt on right foot and neck is not aching. Best of all, added 2kph to normal average speed, so very happy. Would totally recommend a bike fit – great value and absolutely has added to my enjoyment on the bike.

Dave Gardiner

The maintenance has made a very positive difference to the feel of the bike. Very happy as always. Shifters are better than new and rear shifter is running perfectly (despite my worn chain). Thanks for a job well done.

Andrew Kumnick

Everything is going well and it's performing like new. You really notice the difference with the smoothness and lack of friction on the replaced chains and cogs; it gives a much nicer ride. So, only compliments from me for a job well done.

Simon Neldner

The service was fantastic - what a difference! Having an entry-level road bike, I need all the help I can get and I'm now achieving higher speeds than ever before. See you for my next service!


You guys are amazing. I am so impressed with your service, both with the shock and your business. I have not been treated so well by a bike shop in the last 10 years. Keep up the great work – it is really appreciated. I went for my first downhill ride on Sunday and the shock is awesome. It has a much more consistent feel throughout the travel whereas before there wasn't much resistance in the stroke for the first 50% of travel. Before the shock was serviced it used to bottom out especially if the compression was set below halfway on the softer side. I can now set the compression to the softer setting and I haven't bottomed it out. I really could go on and on... In short it’s like a brand new shock, the bike has never felt so good, and I am so happy.

And how awesome are the mounting guides for the shock to the frame that Pete custom-made? That is just so fantastic. I never thought I would get that fixed. You guys rock. I have been singing your praises ever since I have received the shock. Next time I come to Adelaide I will look you up and say thanks in person. Thanks again for all your help. I will be back and I will be recommending you to all my fellow mt-bikers.

Sean Cheney

I am TOTALLY STOKED with my bike, the shock, the frame and the service you guys give. I guess there is not really much more to say. Thanks a bunch.

Grant Rieger

The [Brooks] saddle arrived in the post today and was waiting for me when I came home from work this evening. Very excited to open this parcel! Everything was there, as promised. All very carefully and professionally packed. The saddle itself is as beautiful as I had hoped. I have given it an initial application of Proofide and am eagerly awaiting tomorrow morning when I shall fit it to my steel steed and take it out on its maiden ride. I am looking forward to many years of riding perched atop my Brooks saddle! Thank you again for your prompt and professional service. It has been a pleasure doing business.

Patrick White

I am extremely happy with everything - the bike is great. This is my fourth road bike and I have never had a bike that rolls as smoothly or feels so easy to ride fast. I don’t know exactly why but guess it’s ‘cause of the facing of the bottom bracket and quality of the wheel build. Great job!

Andrew Rehn

My bike is performing the best it ever has. I have taken my bike to other bike shops for services and I was disappointed with their efforts. The bike is running smoother and changing gears precisely. A friend of mine is going to call you re servicing his bike. Once again thank you, and I will see you in the next few weeks with my other bike.

Mark Winston

The bike is running EXCELLENT. I have no hesitation recommending you to other cyclists.

Damian Amamoo

Thanks for the quick service. I feel like having a new Eddy Merkx after the adjustment of the gears. You are the best—stuff the rest. The rides to and from work are a pleasure, being able to use the complete range of gears without the chain coming off.

Chris Goring

Bike ran like a dream yesterday – clocked 150kms through the hills and it performed spot-on! I will definitely utilise your shop for service – feel as if my beloved Colnago is being looked after properly now!

Andrew Johnston

I was a BMCR customer in Adelaide for three years and found that the customer service and quality of work was so good (unequalled) that since moving to Perth I now fly my bike home to see Pete.

Ben Cowley

The wheel has performed very well since the repairs. I'll definitely be coming back to you guys for anything bike-related in the future. Thanks for the great service.

Adam Synnott

The bike is going great thank you. The Juicy 7 brakes are awesome – it feels like a new bike. :-) So nice to not have my rotors continually rubbing on the pads etc. And the gear changing is also lovely and smooth. Thanks for doing a great job.

Ian Biddell

I am always happy with the service provided. I wouldn't take my bikes anywhere else and I will always recommend you.

Todd Pontifex

The bike has been like riding a cloud! It’s like a completely new bike, so I am very happy with the service you provided. I have been passing on your business name to my riding fellows and been speaking your praises. I will definitely be coming back when I need another service. Thank you again and have a great weekend.

Ben Russ

Before coming to BMCR I used to find that I’d get my bike back from a service and it would run nicely for the 1st couple of rides but the problems would then return. After a BMCR service I can now rely on it to still be running smoothly for months.

Marcus Clements

The repair has been a welcome turn-a-round from the clunking, shifting sensation I was experiencing prior to. I spent some more time on the bike the following weekend and now it feels like a new one.

Martin Lemmey

Bike is great. The difference is amazing. It tracks straight, no funny wobblies, etc. Much more confident going downhill. I think I've set a new top speed!!!

Chris Paul

My bike has been running really well, the gear changes are so much smoother! Have already passed on your details to the guys I ride with :) Thanks.

Brett Swain

Just to let you know that the bike ran like a dream on the weekend after Pete fixed it last week. We did a group ride out through the hills (Echunga, Meadows, Clarendon, etc) which involved lots of gear changes and the bike never missed a beat once.

Steve Gunn

Thank you for the follow up, it’s a refreshing change to the customer service that is so commonly found these days. I did, however, find the time to forward your email to everyone I knew that cycled, and even some that don't. The bike is working great thanks! No more annoying clicking sounds that made it difficult to hear the radio and the bike even stops now when I apply the brakes. I'll definitely be coming back for that new running gear when required. The only suggestion that I have, is keep up the great care and service, especially when you become much more busier and bigger as I'm sure you will with the service that you have!! ;-) Again, you guys rock, thanks for the excellent service, you've definitely got yourself a lifetime customer at this rate!

Justin Hopkins

Bike has been fantastic, I meant to email and tell you how satisfied I was so I am glad you asked.

Colin Bell

Bike is running beautifully. It’s the first time in months I have enjoyed a MTB ride without the annoying slippage.

Kevin Falzon

Rode 624km since last Tuesday including 124 with Tim, Dale Graham and Jonathon today, and as usual everything is bullet-proof for the Tour. The cranks and drive train and hub adjustments are as smooth as silk. Thanks once again for your good work and for fitting us in at short notice.

Peter Winter

Both Sarah and I are feeling better than ever on the bike. No more back pain for me, and Sarah gets only a tiny bit of stiffness after the ride (pre-existing). Thanks! P.S. We've recommended you to anyone and everyone who will listen! Thanks again!

Nathan Perkins (bike fitting)

I've been away on holidays (with bike!), but I was intending to send you an email to say thanks. The shock has been fantastic. I took it riding in Tasmania (where the trails are a bit rougher than here in Canberra) and it worked smoothly the whole time without any problems. Thank you very much :-)

Erin Zimmer

My bike has been performing very well indeed. No crank noise whatsoever. Thank you very much for your excellent service. Well worth the money spent.

Scott Swain

Thanks for the follow up. The service you offer is fantastic and a key reason to keep coming back. I certainly have no hesitation recommending you to others! I really appreciated you fitting in my repair at very short notice and since my bike’s return I can't believe I put up with slipping gears and chain for so long - it has been great.

Nick Horsnell

Just a quick thank-you for sorting out my old rocket. Went out for a ride this morning and the old girl didn’t miss a beat. It was nice to just ride without thinking about what was (or wasn’t) going to happen when I tried to change gears. Once again, great service.

Shannon Mouat

I have recovered much more quickly than I would have thought possible at the time. The marks are all gone now and I am able to lead a perfectly normal, active life.

Rache Nehemiah

The bike has been fantastic. I think it is better than when first purchased. I was unsure if I would have a hard time with larger front chain ring. But on my first ride, after no riding for two weeks, I went quicker than ever before with less effort. So I am very happy with all the work you have done. Thank you both for a great job.

Ashley Rivett

I would like to thank you for your friendly and professional service. It makes a difference from all other service I have experienced in the last 5 years (pimply 16-year-olds with no idea). Your customer service is something to be proud of and is a big differential to all other businesses in South Australia. You have my business from now on and I will encourage all the people I know who ride bikes to visit your business.

Damien Edwards

The new wheel set is perfect! I was really impressed with the service: fast, friendly and always felt welcome in the shop (unlike some of the other shops around town!). Will definitely be back next time I'm in need of something for my bike.

Paul Dumican

Yet again you have delivered when others failed. My bike is beautifully quiet. Thanks.

Paul D.

The Brooks B17 is outstanding. I couldn't use any other saddle, ever again. I'm so used to the comfort of a Brooks all other saddles I've sat on since feel, to me, like park benches. (OK for a short time but if you sit there too long your butt gets sore.) I really value and appreciate having access to a bike shop like yours, which is run buy genuinely friendly people who value quality, integrity, good workmanship and customer service. 

Rod Archer

Bike is going great! You got rid of the clicking chain,and the gear changing is nice and smooth now, and a lot quieter I might add. Well, what a difference a bike fit makes, who would have thought!!! No more burning sensation in the middle of my neck... I am much happier now! I will definitely recommend you to anyone i know.

Rob Skelty

I can only say that it is a joy to ride my bike about the great service you gave it. It’s quiet, smooth and the gears are working fabulously. Thanks so much. I’ll be back again for another service in the near future.

Rick Baldock

Strange that you emailed me ‘cos I was going to call the shop to provide my thoughts on the service you so thoroughly undertook. I did manage to take the bike out for its first ride since its service at your workshop (after sneakily reappropriating my partner's helmet)... And I must say I was thoroughly delighted from the moment I got on. THOROUGHLY DELIGHTED!!!! 

Everything about the bike was on song! It felt super-solid. I can’t remember it being so responsive. It was more silent and smoother then it has EVER BEEN. The brakes now have more modulation than they previously ever had. Purging/bleeding the dodgy DOT fluid that the previous bike shop used (unbeknownst to me) and replacing it with the correct Magura specked nectar was very very much appreciated indeed. Then there’s the Rohloff hub: I’ve always thought it to be a great piece of kit, but, to be honest, I simply don’t remember it being soooooooo smooth and precise. Thanks for that, too.

Bottom line? Well, simply put, I wish I knew of BMCR when I was building my bike. To my mind, every dollar spent on the service was well worth it. You will see me again...for sure.  Thanks heaps for all your professionalism, impeccable attention to detail, timely and clear communication, and for simply being a really cool bunch of people.

Nik Cironis

My wheel is excellent after your service to the hub. I had been to another bike shop close to me twice within days with the wheel cones and cassette coming loose after both services (very frustrating and disappointing not to mention waste of money and time, before I had come to BMCR. Your service, both personal and mechanical, is unrivalled as far as I’m concerned. I can’t thank all three of you enough for the consistent professional standard BMCR puts forth as well your friendly service with a smile. :) Keep up the good work. I will never go to another bike shop again. Yous guys & girls rock !

Paul Albinger