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Rob's Bossi Summit

Lightweight, stunning, and a racing colour scheme to match

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The brief

Rob came to BMCR with a dream build in mind. He wanted a titanium Bossi bike, and it had to be light.

It also required a particular colour scheme: Gulf Livery, an iconic pale-blue-and-orange racing colourway.

Could we make his dreams come true?

We absolutely could.

The bike

Rob is a road rider, so there were three potential frames in the Bossi range -- the Strada, the Strada SS and the Summit.

The Stradas are built for speed, with aggressive geometry and a racing feel. The Summit, in contrast, is an endurance road frame; with a slightly more upright riding position, it's designed for all-day adventures.

As Rob was going for distance and hill climbs rather than podium finishes, the Summit was the clear pick.

Now for components. The focus: keep it light.

Rob's a SRAM man, so we went with an AXS Force drivetrain, making sure the ratios matched his passion for hill-climbing.

He wanted the cockpit to be as sleek as possible, so we opted for ultra-light Easton E100 handlebars, paired with Ciclovation's oh-so-soft Velvet Touch tape. (For extra #touchability.)

For featherweight wheels, we used Nextie's lightest carbon rims and hand-built them with Aerolite spokes and Tune KillHill and ClimbHill hubs. Schwalbe Pro Ones were chosen for their speed and durability.

One can never have enough lightweight Tune components, so we added more: a machined Geiles Teil stem, a Schwarzes Stück carbon post, and Pete's favourite saddle of all time - a carbon Komm Vor Plus.

More carbon? Why not! With every gram counting, Keo Look Blade carbon ti pedals and Ciclovation carbon bottle cages were obvious choices.

One of the hardest things to source, weirdly enough, was a computer mount. Rob has a Wahoo head unit, and it was surprisingly difficult to find a Wahoo mount that integrates with a Tune stem. Fortunately, the Silca Mensola came to the rescue, and, in a happy coincidence, its 3D-printed titanium tied in very nicely with the aesthetic.

Speaking of aesthetic... that Gulf Racing colour scheme. The fork's stunning custom paint job was created by Scott from AirNPaint, who even managed to incorporate the number 57, at Rob's request. Isn't it lovely? And check out the Bossi logo on the inside leg! (Scott, we love your work.)

Of course, to finish it off, we couldn't resist adding some orange touches in the valves, seat clamp and Garbaruk top cap.

Oh, did we mention that all of the steel bolts were also replaced with either titanium or aluminium, depending on which one was most appropriate? #everygramcounts

And voila! This beautiful creature was born.

The finishing build weight? A mere 8.3kg, which is especially impressive considering that includes pedals, bottle cages and sealant.

Overall, this was a great project, culminating in a stunning one-of-a-kind Bossi build, and Rob couldn't be happier

Even though we still don't know what the 57 stands for.

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