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Ian's Spruced-Up Surly Ogre

A bomb-proof commuter and tourer

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The brief

Ian wanted a daily commuter which was robust enough to handle anything.

The bike

We started with a stock Surly Ogre because the bones were exactly right for Ian's needs.

One of his requirements was the ability to park the bike, lock it and walk away without worrying about it. This meant the inclusion of a lighting system. We rebuilt the front wheel to include a dynamo hub, and connected it to a Busch and Muller headlight and AXA tail light. (Hey, you can't forget your lights if they're always bolted to your bike...)

To get the Ogre all-weather-ready, we fitted a set of SKS guards, our go-to choice for quality and durability.

Ian often goes touring, so a Surly Nice Rack was added for its enormous cargo-carrying capabilities.

Finally, a little indulgence to finish things off: a set of Syntace Number Nine pedals - when only the best will do!

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What You Say

It's brilliant. I didn't think the poor old bike was too bad before - but it's like chalk & cheese! So quiet! Thanks & see you again soon.Alan Hixson
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