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Surly Ogre

Meet the perfect 29" offroad tourer

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Cost: AU$2,999

Surly Ogre Details

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colours: Cold Slate Blue

Want to go mountain bike touring? Then the Surly Ogre is your answer.

The 1X setup keeps things nice and simple, and you can run 29 or 27.5+ tyres.

Load it up front and rear, add mudguards and bottle cages, throw on some dynamo lights like this guy, convert it to a Rohloff hub, whack on a trailer, or just go bikepacking.

It can handle it all.

(Looking for a 26" version? You'll need the Troll.)

  • Chromoly steel
  • 29"
  • Clearance for 29 x 2.6" or 27.5 x 3.0” tyres

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What You Say

It's incredible! From the moment I took it off the bike rack, and put it on the ground, it made zero vibration sounds. Just the sound of raw tyre to brick knock, and a gentle chain clank to the derailleur cage. Gone were the standing-vibrations that rattled throughout the entire bike. I'm…Tom Bammann
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