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Steve's Ibis Ripmo

It's a Ripmo, but not as we know it

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Steve fell in love with the Ibis Ripmo V2, and for good reason.

However, he wanted something a little bit different. Could we help? We sure could.

Behold: the Ripmo V2 in an XT build. But look a little closer, and you'll find some upgrades...

  • carbon RaceFace bars
  • a carbon Ibis wheelset
  • snazzy orange forks
  • custom suspension decals
  • and matching orange grips, valve stems, top cap, and headset spacers.

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What You Say

Thanks for your massive effort in retrieving the internal cabling on the Ridley. It's a job I would never have been able to do myself, and I cringe with embarrassment to think of the three of you working on the one bike for an hour to get it done. [BMCR: That's what we're here for…Karim Soetratma
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