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Bossi Summit | Shane's Custom Build

A challenging build with an excellent outcome

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The brief

Shane wanted a road bike for long days in the saddle, including his Everesting attempts. He also needed something to replace his tiring carbon road bike (and that wouldn't need to be replaced in five years' time). Bossi was the answer.

The bike

This was a genuinely interesting project. Shane brought us his ideas for the build, and he also had some very specific and unusual gearing requirements.

We'll add at this point that one of the things that makes a good mechanic is having the ability to understand that there are always new things to learn.

Shane required an extremely wide range of gears, but without large jumps between each gear ratio. To achieve this, he requested the use of White Industries cranks with 46/24 rings. This chainring combination is so far outside of Shimano's specification that we really didn't believe the gear system would work to a satisfactory (to us) standard.

Ultimately, we will always provide our customer with what they request, and when it came time to assemble the bike, we were pleasantly surprised to find how well we could get the gears working. There was some interesting secret tinkering involved, but the results speak for themselves.

Shane is happy and so are we -- partly because he's happy but also because it was a great educational experience for us.

Happy Everesting, Shane!

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What You Say

The bike has been great, thanks. I was extremely happy with the work that was carried out. It was far and above the best quality strip down and rebuild that I have experienced.Geoff Monaghan
Bossi Strada titanium road bike, standing on a surface of autumn leaves, haloed slightly by the sun
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