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Surly Krampus Suspension

Nippy on the trails, plus some extra cushioning

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Cost: AU$3,990

Surly Krampus Suspension Details

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colours: Demonic Sparkle Party

If you love the idea of very big tyres plus the extra squish that only good suspension can give you, the Krampus Suspension is your guy.

With lots of grip and super-responsive handling, the Rockshox forks and TransX post will keep you comfy even over the roughest trails.

You can fit even racks if your sights are set over the horizon. Be free!

  • Chromoly steel
  • 29"
  • Clearance for 29 x 3.0” tyres

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You guys are amazing! Best service I have had in a long time in any shop and easily best service I have ever had a bike store. Great communication, listened, reasonable priced. You absolutely nail everything. My friends had all said great things about you and they under-sold the service. Very…Tristan Johnstone
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