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Ibis Ripmo AF

A super-fun trail bike at a super-wallet-friendly price

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Ibis Ripmo AF Details

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colours: Metal, Red Savina

The Ripmo AF is a perfect trail bike: it climbs with ease and eats up even the roughest and most technical descents.

This model is the alloy version of the carbon Ripmo. You still get the same handling and control, but at a more budget-friendly price.

Comfortable, efficient, agile, and affordable -- it's the perfect blend!

  • Perfect for all-mountain/enduro riding
  • Lifetime replacement on bushings
  • Clearance for up to 29 x 2.6"
  • Also available as a frameset

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What You Say

It ran like a dream in the adventure race. I especially appreciated the work you did on the brakes; lots of people complained that theirs weren't working properly and mine were solid all day. There was an awesome downhill and some people had to walk their bikes due to a lack of braking...Ray Scheuboeck
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