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Ortlieb Panniers & Bags

No-one who speaks German could be an evil man!

Ortlieb panniers are world-famous for a good reason: they're the gold standard for durability and smart design.

Not only do they come with a 5-year warranty and replaceable parts, they’re also 100% waterproof.

We carry the most popular Ortlieb lines, such as the Back-Roller panniers (Classic and Plus), the Sport-Roller front panniers, and the Ultimate handlebar bag. We also stock a range of spare parts, including handles, hooks and mounting kits.

If we don't have the bag you're looking for, we can usually get it pretty quickly, too!

Whether you’re touring, commuting or just heading to the shops, Ortlieb will keep your cargo safe and dry.

What You Say

My bike is smooth as silk and better than new!! It is always a pleasure to ride after a trip to BMCR. Only trouble is I seem to be acquiring more bikes than I can afford to maintain. Maybe I will have to sell one of the children.Bryn Richards
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