260 Waymouth Street, Adelaide
South Australia, 5000
(look for the little green warehouse!)
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 6pm
Saturday * - 10am to 3pm
* Closed public holiday weekends
Telephone us 08 8410 9499

What do we do?

We are one of the only shops in Adelaide where your fork or shocks aren't sent interstate.

BMCR does all suspension work in-house, so you're not paying for postage and then waiting for weeks while a monkey somewhere bangs them with a hammer.

(And, yes, we're an approved Fox Racing Shox Repair Centre, too.)

We service Fox, Manitou, RockShox, X-Fusion, Marzocchi, Cane Creek and more. (But not Cannondale, sorry.) 

Please note: costs below are approximate as prices vary according to make, model and condition of suspension. As a rough guide, however:

Forks - approximately $195, including seals, grease, and oil
Shocks - approximately $220, including seals, grease, and oil

(Talas or U-Turn Air fork servicing - please allow another $60-80) 

NOTE! If you've received a cheaper estimate elsewhere it may not be for a full service! Ask them if they're doing a full damper strip-down, or just servicing the air canister (for a shock) or only dropping the lowers off and refreshing the lower leg oil (for forks).

Our fork services include a damper strip-down and spring-side complete rebuild. If you would prefer we just do the air canister or lowers, we can. The cost is usually around $75-85 for the shock (if a new seal kit is required) and around $60 for the forks.

If we've got your suspension job booked in, we can turn it around within a couple of days. As with all our work, labour is covered by a one month warranty.

Mail order jobs welcome! Post your bits to us for fixin', and we can send 'em back via registered post. (You'll need to allow around $20 for postage, depending on where you live.)

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