260 Waymouth Street, Adelaide
South Australia, 5000
(look for the little green warehouse!)
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 6pm
Saturday * - 10am to 3pm
* Closed public holiday weekends
Telephone us 08 8410 9499

Do I need to book my bike in? 

Due to the size of our workshop—and the fact that we’re usually booked out a week in advance—it's a great idea. This way, your job can be turned around in a couple of days (or even the same day). However, if you don’t mind your bike staying with us for a while, you're welcome to drop it in and leave it with us; we'll get to it as soon as we can!

Can you do same-day servicing?

Yes, if it's booked in! For suspension jobs, though, we like to have the bike overnight if possible. (Hey, it’s only one more day. You’ll live.)

How often should I get my bike serviced? 

If you ride throughout the year, then pre- and post-winter servicing is recommended. If you ride less often, once a year should keep your bike ticking along nicely. For suspension servicing, it’s best not to leave it more than a year between services to make sure any potentially expensive problems get nipped in the bud. Oh, and if your forks or shock are leaking, that’s not good—bring them in!

Can you do on-the-spot jobs? 

Sorry, no. Our schedule can get messed up pretty quickly, and we don’t like to make promises we can’t keep. However, if you book in advance (see FAQ #2), we can turn most jobs around on the same day or within a couple of days, so we can do our best to get it done by a certain time for you. 

Why don’t you have a Basic Service/Gold Service system?

It’s true; BMCR doesn't have a Gold/Silver/Lube-The-Chain-And-Charge-You-$50 fixed price service. We believe these services are misleading; fixed price servicing assumes that everything will be wrong with your bike. Fixed price servicing also means that you end up getting charged the maximum rate even if nothing was repaired. Instead BMCR works on an hourly rate, so you're only charged for the time spent on your bike. How's that for a nice change?

Do you do quotes for bikes?

We sure do! If it's a restoration job, we can give you a quote to get your piece up and running. If it's an insurance job, we can give you a quote depending on whether your bike can be repaired or needs to be replaced. (Please note: insurance quotes are $50, redeemable upon the job coming through.)

Do you hire out bikes? 

We don't have bikes for hire, sorry, but the good news is that Bike SA do! Hence ye forth! 

Do you work on e-bikes?

No, sorry.

I was just riding along and this thing happened… Can you fix it?

Really? You were just riding along?



OK. I fiddled with these bits and then this thing happened…

Don’t worry. We’ll make it all better.

Can I do work experience with you?

No, sorry.

What if I—?