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Bossi Grit SX | David's Custom Build

The perfect bike for going a little bit further

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The brief

David had come from a road cycling background and was looking for a bike that would allow him to transition to gravel while still being capable of handling both surfaces.

What would give this level of comfort and flexibility? A Bossi Grit SX, that's what.

* cracks knuckles * Let's see what we can come up with.

The bike

The focus of this custom build was to walk (ride?) a fine line between a bike that would easily handle gravel and off-road trails but also be light and fast enough for David's road riding.

He didn't want to dive straight into the off-road stuff with huge tyres, so we stuck to a 700c wheelset to increase the rolling speed, and 35c tyres to help with the road-to-off-road transition. (One of the great things about using a Grit for this particular build is that the frame has the ability to take larger tyres down the track, should the gravel bug bite.)

Now the gearing question: one or two chain rings? A traditional road set-up usually has two chain rings (2X), whereas gravel groupsets will often have only one (1X). As a 1X set-up will have larger jumps between the gears, it can feel a bit weird if you're used to multiple chain rings, so we decided to stick with a Shimano GRX Di2 2X groupset for this particular build.

We regularly use the Easton EC70 AX bars on custom bikes, but with his road background, David was not a fan of flared bars -- hence the classic EC70 SLs instead, in carbon for lightness and vibration absorption.

This is the beauty of a custom build: you can get exactly what you want!

Ciclovation Advanced Touch bar tape offers exceptional vibration dampening, and paired beautifully with the EC70 SLs, so that was a no-brainer.

Finally, some colour accents. David's favourite shade is green, so we custom-painted the head tube and chain stay. We couldn't resist adding Garbaruk jockey wheels and matching top cap to give some highlights without being too over-the-top.

The result: a classic, flexible-use, ultra-personalised forever bike, and one happy cyclist.

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What You Say

Gave my mountain bike a good sesh on the weekend -- first time since the service. For a four-year-old bike, amazingly it feels better than new! Thanks. Will more than likely get my road bike in for some lovin' in the near future too!Andrew Hawkes
Drivetrain detail on a custom Bossi Grit SX, showing the Shimano GRX and orange Garbaruk components
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