260 Waymouth Street, Adelaide
South Australia, 5000
(look for the little green warehouse!)
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 6pm
Saturday * - 10am to 3pm
* Closed public holiday weekends
Telephone us 08 8410 9499

What do we do?

The sad fact is that most bikes you see on shop floors have been poorly put together. They're usually just pulled out of the box and slapped into position before someone sticks a 'for sale' sign on them.

Our philosophy is different.

First we start with the frame, and make sure it's finished correctly (read: machined square; you'd be amazed how many high-end bikes we see with sub-standard frame finishing), then we use the highest-possible quality greases and custom assembly pastes to put your bike together properly. This way, your bike will be working beautifully from the moment it rolls out of our workshop. 

This work also applies to the bikes we sell; we spend 3-4 hours putting each one together (instead of 15 minutes) so you know that they're perfectly tuned and ready to go.

Look at it this way: we'd prefer you spend your time riding your new pride and joy rather than having to keep coming back for technical hiccoughs. We're sure you'd prefer it, too!

We can also swap components from old frames to new ones, or fit new components as required. Easy peasy. 

Cost:  approx $300 (though build time will vary; please allow extra for hydraulic brakes)

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