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What is this D*BAD Thing?

D*BAD was born out of a a strange phenomenon we noticed among road riders.

It would happen on a lovely meander through the hills; we'd offer a cheery ‘hello’ to a fellow cyclist, only to receive stony silence in response. It was very odd.

So we wondered: what is this problem, and why does it get worse when people ride in packs with matching kit?

Frustrated, we declared February 2010 Don’t Be A Dickhead Month via our e.newsletter. The rules were simple: a) say ‘hi’ to a fellow cyclist; b) if they ignored you, you were authorised to call them a dickhead. (Under your breath, if you like. We're not advocating shouting abuse at others.)

The response was bigger than anything we had anticipated. It seemed that the hills were alive with people tired of roadie snobbery. Stickers were demanded! Then T-shirts! And so a movement was born.

D*BAD is more than about cyclist solidarity; it's about elementary politeness.

So, if you're out on the roads, say 'hello' to your fellow bike riders, and know you're helping make the world a better place. 

Better yet, wear your message on your back: grab a D-BAD t-shirt at our online store!