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Are you into extremely lightweight (and we do mean *extremely*) bike components? Perhaps you simply have a liking for masterly engineering or bright colours? Then meet Tune, a German company dedicated to creating the lightest, highest-performance bike components in the world. (They've got a set of skewers which weigh a record-breaking 18 grams. Crazy stuff.)

Since the early 90s, Tune have been pushing the limits of manufacturing technology to provide some of the most beautiful bicycle components available. Use the components World Cup riders such as Sabine Spitz or 14 x German DH champion Marcus Klausmann do, and enjoy the extra option of 11 different colours!

What've we got?

$1100 Tune-TSR-27-wheels.jpg model Click image to view

Model: TSR27 Wheelset

Coming in at less than 1500 grams, the TSR 27s offer Sapim spokes, aluminium clincher rims, and incredible performance for a great price. They're also available in the Tune colour rainbow - mix to match your bike! Whether you're racing or just serious about your riding, the TSR 27s are hard to go past.

  • 1489 grams
  • Hand-built in Germany
  • Aluminium clincher rims
  • Can be run tubeless
  • Sapim spokes
  • Alloy nipples
  • Rider weight limit: 110 kgs
  • Colours available: the Tune Rainbow - white (selected products only), black, silver, gold, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, forest green, and froggy green.
$115 tune-wurger-skyline-seat-clamp.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Würger Skyline Seat Clamp

Now, Andrew was so excited about this product that he actually made squealy schoolgirl noises when it arrived. Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce the ridiculously lightweight Würger Skyline seatpost clamp? ("Guten Tag!" it says.) The Würger Skyline weighs 4 grams. 4 grams! It's carbon with a titanium bolt, and Tune declare it can even be used on downhill bikes. And that's pretty much all you need to know about it. 4 grams, people. Come in, have a hold, and you too can make squealy schoolgirl noises.

  • Carbon body, titanium bolt
  • Did we mention it weighs 4 grams?
  • Chic, slim, nothing to catch your leg on
  • p.s. Würger = strangler. Appropriate, no?
$55 Schraubwuerger2.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Schraubwürger Seat Clamp

If you love the idea of the Würger Skyline but can't figure out a way to justify a $100 seat post clamp to your significant other, how about the Schraubwürger? It's still pretty darned light at 9.8 grams and also offers a titanium bolt. With CNC machining and a high clamping force, your seat post isn't going anywhere until you want it to. As with most Tune components, it's also available in 11 different colours.

  • 9.8 grams
  • Aluminium body, titanium bolt
  • Chic, slim, nothing to catch your leg on
  • Colours: all the colours of the 'bow, man!
$145 Tune-DC-14-skewers-blue.jpg model Click image to view

Model: DC14 QR Skewers

The DC14 is a lightweight skewer with a high clamping force and unique design. (Plus it's so pretty it would make Dita von Teese jealous.) The front is aluminium and the rear titanium, while the carbon lever allows you to clamp from almost any angle. Many companies have copied Tune's design, but because of Tune's Germanic attention to quality, you'll still be using these skewers long after you've thrown the counterfeits away! Although they're only 33 grams, don't let the weight fool you; the DC14s are surprisingly strong. In addition, by using different aluminiums in the anodised end caps and cams, the metal-on-metal is kept to a minimum, resulting in less wear. See? These guys think of everything.

  • 33 grams
  • Designed for road bikes
  • Titanium rear axle, aluminium front axle, carbon levers
  • Colours: the Tune Rainbow - white (selected products only), black, silver, gold, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, forest green, froggy green
$150 Tune-DC-16-17-skewers-red.jpg model Click image to view

Model: DC16+17 QR Skewers

The DC16+17s are the mountain bike equivalent to the DC 14s above, and just as purty. They offer the same nifty carbon lever and clamping brilliance, but have titanium skewers front and rear instead of just the rear. Although they're super lightweight, there are no weight restrictions on them, plus they fit disc brakes and suspension forks. Once again, Tune quick release skewers are in a class of their own.

  • 37 grams
  • Designed for MTB bikes
  • Titanium axles, carbon levers
  • Colours: the Tune Rainbow - white (selected products only), black, silver, gold, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, forest green, froggy green
$165 Tune DC 15 skewer.jpg model Click image to view

Model: DC15 15mm Axle

The DC15 is the 15mm thru axle of choice for discerning mountain bikers. Not only is it light (40g), it's also super-stiff with the highest clamping force, and there are no weight restrictions. The 15mm alloy axle has a carbon fibre QR handle which can be closed at seven different degrees so you can put it exactly where you want it. Sleek and strong! (NB: this skewer doesn't come in a pair; it's just for front end use.)

  • 43 grams
  • Designed for MTB bikes
  • Alloy axles, carbon levers
  • Works with Fox, DT, Marzocchi, and RockShox forks
  • Colours: the Tune Rainbow - black, silver, gold, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, forest green, froggy green
$189 Tune Starkes Stuck.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Starkes Stück Seat Post

The Starkes Stück seat post is, of course, light, well-engineered, and rather beautiful. It's available in 340mm or 420mm lengths, but as it's aluminium, you can cut it to any length you like. (There are also laser-etched height markings to give you a hand.) The easily adjustable head features titanium screws and a two-bolt clamp. Finally, it's machined inside for lightness, resulting in 180 grams of sweet 7075 grade alloy.  

  • 170 - 219 grams (26.8 x 340mm - 31.6 x 420mm)
  • Aluminium 7075 with titanium screws
  • 340mm or 420mm long
  • Available in 26.8mm, 27.0mm, 27.2mm, 31.4mm, 31.6mm or 31.8mm


$400 Tune SchwartzesStuck Carbon seatpost.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Schwarzes Stück Carbon Seat Post

Behold the hand-made Schwartzes Stück! This ultra-light thing of beauty weighs in at a teeny 96 or 136 grams, depending on length, and will take a MTB rider up to 100kgs on its sleek load-bearing shoulders. On the road, however, there's no weight limit. Wunderbar!  

  • 96 - 136 grams (27.2 x 280mm - 34.9 x 400mm)
  • Carbon with titanium screws
  • 280mm, 350mm or 400mm long
  • Available in 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm or 34.9mm


$90 Tune-Wassertrager-uni.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Wasserträger Uni Bottle Cage

Replenish your fluids. The Wasserträger Uni bottle cage can take any standard drink bottle and will hold it snug and safe until you're ready to drink. You can use it on road or mountain bikes, and the rubber lip makes sure your bottle will stay in place even over the roughest terrain. And, as it's Tune, you've probably guessed it's light. Yup: 15 grams. Hoo-wee, people.

  • Carbon
  • 15 grams
  • Takes 500ml or 750ml bottles