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Special Offers


$120 Sale price: $49! Vaude Air Jacket Women's model Click image to view

Model: Vaude Air Jacket Women's

The Air jacket puts the 'ultra' in 'ultralightweight'! 

Fully windproof, it packs down to the size of half a tennis ball. It's also water-resistant, so unless you're out in a steady downpour, it'll keep you dry and tidy. Vaude Air: proof that sometimes even the tiniest things pack the mightiest punch.

  • Fully windproof
  • Water-resistant
  • Colour: violet
  • Size: large - only one left!
$155 Sale price: $130! Northwave Sparta SBS model Click image to view

Model: Northwave Sparta SBS

Perfect for those with a slightly broader foot, the Northwave Sparta SBS shoes are incredible comfortable, have a cushiony fit, and keep your toes nice and cool thanks for their vented designs. Boasting stability, ridigity ('cause this makes for better pedal power transfer, doncha know) and ergonomic arch support, the Spartas also features a carbon-reinforced sole and an adjustable ratchet system. Swish!

  • Carbon-reinforced sole
  • SBS ratchet closure
  • Great ventilation
  • Size: 45 - only one pair left!


$245 Sale price: $165 Downtown QL3 model Click image to view

Model: Downtown QL3

This is the perfect office bag! It's waterproof, and boasts a shoulder strap, padded handle, and stability feet plus has internal pockets, pen slots, and a hook for your keys. The best part about it, however, is the back. Or what's not on the back: hooks. Yes, when you take it with you, you leave the attachment system on the bike! No more stick-y out-y bits to poke you up the stairs or in the elevator. 

  • Capacity: 18 litres
  • Size: 36 x 36 x 14 cm (h x w x d)
  • Weight: 1500g 
  • Uses the QL3 attachment system
  • Padded carrying handle
  • Internal pocket
  • Colour: aubergine - only one left!
$60 Sale price: $45! BMCR Leg Warmers model Click image to view

Model: BMCR Leg Warmers

These fleecy BMCR leg warmers will keep your knees from freezing. When you're not sure whether you want to commit to a full-length pair of knicks, leg warmers are a perfect option as you can whip 'em off if the sun comes out. The fleecy liner is soft, while the silicon grippers keep them in place. There's also a zipper at the back to help you get them over your shoes and a snazzy BMCR logo on the calf.

  • CS Tech Fleece
  • Micro-fleece liner
  • Silicon dot grippers
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Reflective logo
  • Size: small - only 1 pair left!
$135 Sale price: $100! BMCR Bib Knicks model Click image to view

Model: BMCR Bib Knicks

BMCR's knicks are made from imported Italian materials, including the four-way-stretch chamois, and feature mesh shoulder straps, silicone leg grippers to keep them in place, and a little pocket in the back for racers who need radios. Plus they're comfy. Which is kind of important. 

  • CS Contour Lycra
  • Antibacterial stretch chamois
  • Silicone leg grippers
  • Mesh shoulder straps
  • Sizes: XS & XL


$2800 Sale price: $2500! Krampus model Click image to view

Model: Krampus

Don't let the tyres steer you wrong - the Krampus is not a fatbike. It's a 29er mountain bike with big, big tyres. What does it mean? Lots of grip, crazy cushioning, and more nimble than a toddler escaping bathtime. As Thor from Surly says, "It floats like a butterfly and stings like a very large and hostile bee." (One must listen to a dude called Thor.)

  • CroMoly steel frame and fork
  • Can be run geared or singlespeed
  • Braze-ons for racks, mud guards and two water bottles
  • How fat? 3" tyres on 50mm rims
  • Full spec list here
  • Excellent Krampus-related blog post here
  • Colour: Moonlit Swamp
  • Sale for floor stock only (1 x L/19")
$2590 Sale price: $2150! 301 Mk10 model Click image to view

Model: 301 Mk10

Don't let its simple and elegant design fool you - the 301 is a frame designed to handle almost anything you throw at it. Made from custom-drawn and butted aluminium, this is a strong, beautifully engineered piece of machinery. Discerning eyes will note the neatness of the cable routing, the Syntace bolt-through dropouts, the reverse shock linkage, and press-fit stainless steel bearings, while others will just enjoy the super-smoothness of its unique suspension design. Take it trail riding, for an all-mountain jaunt, or to an enduro - the 301 will soak it all up with ease.

  • Custom-drawn aluminium frame
  • Available in 160mm or 140mm travel
  • Light, stiff, super-smooth
  • 10 year transferable warranty