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Pearl Izumi has been producing well-designed, well-made sports performance gear for sixty years, and we've been carrying it since we opened.

We can get most items in the P.I. range, including running and triathlon gear, so feel free to ask us if you can't see what you want below. (Note: sadly, the Lobster Mitt is not brought into Australia.) Plus if you go here, you'll get to watch an aggressive video about the PI brand, and giggle at the bit where it asks: ARE WE BONKING? (You'll need to buy us a few more drinks first.)

What've we got?

$145 pearl-izumi-elite-bib-knicks-white.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Elite Bib Knicks

These Pearl Izumi Elite knicks are one of our most popular lines, and with good reason. They're comfortable, they're durable, and... well, really, what else do you need? How about a bit more info? Sure! The mesh upper will help keep you cool, and the material is quick-drying so you're not irritatingly moist. The chamois is specially shaped for maximum comfort and shock aborption, and the leg grippers will keep things comfortably in place. There you go: all set to ride. Now all you need is a bike. And some shoes. And maybe a helmet.

  • Elite Transfer fabric
  • Elite 3D chamois
  • 8-panel anatomic design
  • Flatlock seams
  • Silicon leg gripper
  • Sizes: small to XL
  • Colours: black, black/white
$58.50 pearl izumi elite gel gloves black.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Elite Gel Vent Gloves

The Pearl Izumi Elite Gel Vent gloves have been our best-selling glove for years. Why? The padding on the palm is superior - it offers great ulnar nerve protection and shock absorption - and they're also really well-ventilated so you don't get the dreaded Hot Hand Syndrome while grinding up the hills. The mesh palm lining also has quick-drying and odour-fighting properties, and there's a little tab to help peel them off after a hard hill slog.

  • Extra-cushioning palm padding
  • Soft thumb surface to wipe away hard-earned sweat
  • Mesh back offers UPF40+ protection plus great ventilation
  • Sizes: small to XXL
  • Colour: black
$34.50 pearl izumi select gloves 2013.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Select Gloves

For those who don't want the Elite Gel Vent's extreme level of padding, the Selects are a lovely compromise. They have gel-foam padding and a synthetic leather palm with anatomic patterning to help keep your hands comfy. Like the Elite Gel Vents, they also have a soft section on the thumb to soothe your fevered brow. Or at least get it a bit less sweaty and sticky.

  • Comfort gel-foam palm padding
  • Soft thumb surface to wipe away hard-earned sweat
  • Soft synthetic leather palm
  • Sizes: small to XXL
  • Colour: black
$43.50 pearl-izumi-Sun-Sleeve.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Sun Sleeves

If the sun's got a bit of a sting in it - or you're just trying to avoid the classic Cyclists' Tan - these Pearl Izumi Sun Sleeves will keep your skin safe. Mesh inserts on the underside mean your arms stay cool, and you don't have to keep applying them like sunscreen. (Mmm... greasy.) 

  • 40+ UV protection
  • Lightweight
  • Articulated shape
  • Elasticised gripper for a secure and comfy fit
  • Sizes: XS to XL
  • Colour: black
$47.50 pearl-izumi-Thermal-Arm-Warmer.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Arm Warmers

For the days when it's chilly enough to consider a long-sleeved jersey but you're not entirely sure whether you'll overheat, arm warmers are a great option. They'll keep your arms comfortable while the temperature's low, but you can also whip them off and stuff them in your jersey pocket if things warm up. And thus we illustrate the golden rule of inclement-weather riding: layers. Layers, layers, layers. Anyway, Pearl Izumi's arm warmers are fleecy-lined and offer wind-resistance at the front to help keep you warm.

  • Articulated shape
  • Elasticised gripper for a secure and comfy fit
  • Fleecy on the inside, protective on the outside
  • Reflective elements
  • Sizes: XS to XL
  • Colour: black
$68 pearl-izumi-leg-warmer.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Leg Warmers

Like arm warmers... but for your legs! OK, more details; fine. In addition to fleece panels to keep your limbs snug, the P.I. leg warmers are specially designed to eliminate bunching when you pedal (thank you, anatomic fit). The nylon face on the front adds even more weather protection, and the reflective elements keep you visible on those foggy mornings. 

  • Articulated shape
  • Elasticised gripper for a secure and comfy fit
  • Fleecy on the inside, protective on the outside
  • Reflective elements
  • Sizes: XS to XL
  • Colour: black
$37.50 pearl-izumi-Barrier-Headband.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Pro Barrier Headband

This windproof headband is a godsend for those who are susceptible to frozen ears on cold mornings or frosty descents. The Barrier headband fits snugly under your helmet to shield your ears and forehead, and also has thermal fabric at the back to help keep your head warm. Its ergonomic fit suits everyone, including those with large heads (yes; we speak from experience), and it even has an opening at the back for ponytails. (Hello, ladies!)

  • Windproof protection for your ears and forehead
  • Won't overheat your head like a full cap can
  • PRO thermal fabric at back assists with moisture wicking
  • Ponytail-compatible
  • Colour: black
  • Size: one size fits all
$37.50 pearl-izumi-Cyclone-Toe-Covers.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Pro Cyclone Toe Covers

Having well-ventilated shoes is a great thing until it's the middle of winter and you're about to fly down Flagstaff Hill Road, and you know your poor toes will look like small blue jellybeans by the time you reach the bottom. Enter the Pearl Izumi Cyclone Toe Covers. Just pull them on and your digits will be protected from the wind and rain, leaving you free to whisk down even the steepest hill without worrying about whether you'll need to do some amateur amputation when you get home.

  • Wind and water-resistant PRO Softshell fabric
  • Finger loop to help with fit and removal
  • Reflective elements (every bit helps, right?)
  • Microfleece lining adds extra warmth
  • Best for road shoes with external cleats
  • Colour: oh, go on - guess!
  • Sizes: small/medium, large/XL
$41.50 - 3 pack pearl-izumi-Attack-Socks-3-set.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Attack Socks

Comfortable socks are important. More important than you realise, anyway, until you're half-way through your ride and your cuffs are rubbing and your toe seam chafing and arrrgh! The P.I. Attack socks are designed for bike riding: flat toe seam construction to keep your feet comfy; fast-drying material to keep your feet dry; and mesh ventilation on top to keep your feet cool. Plus they come in a three-pack, because you can't always be saving one pair of socks for good.

  • Select Transfer material
  • Traditional cuff height
  • Flat-toe seam construction
  • Mesh ventilation
  • Heel and toe reinforcement
  • Sizes: medium to XL
  • Colours: black, white
$19.50 pearl-izumi-elite-socks-white.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Elite Socks

The Elite socks are a step up from the Attacks. The moisture-wicking material is an upgrade, plus they offer arch compression as well as more ventilation. If you're racing, or just extra fussy about your footwear, these are the socks for you!

  • Elite Transfer material
  • Standard cuff height
  • Flat-toe seam construction
  • Mesh ventilation
  • Arch compression for a performance fit
  • Left- and right-specific ventilation channels
  • Sizes: medium to XL
  • Colour: white