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Human Kinetics is a publishing house specialising in sports, physical activity and health. Books, eBooks, DVDs, textbooks, journals, apps - they've got everything!

Their titles span the gamut of human movement, from sports nutrition, sports medicine, rehabilitation and physical education to recreation, dance, yoga, and (bien sûrcycling. And if this blurb sounds like it's written by someone who used to work there, it was. (Hi, guys!)

We've got their cycling books here at the shop, but can get the whole range of HK products in -- just ask!

What've we got?

$30 HK-Cycling-Anatomy.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Cycling Anatomy

Hands-down our best-selling book, Cycling Anatomy is part of the crazy-popular Anatomy series. This is your guide to the most effective cycling exercises around. You'll see in detail how each exercise directly links to bike performance, and be able to build a training program that improves your strength and efficiency while keeping you injury-free. Cycling Anatomy also lets you check out which muscles are involved in cornering, climbing, descending, and sprinting. (Sitting at Cibo or gesturing at motorists are, oddly enough, not included.)

  • Chapter 1: The Cyclist in Motion
  • Chapter 2: Arms
  • Chapter 3: Neck and Shoulders
  • Chapter 4: Chest
  • Chapter 5: Back
  • Chapter 6: Abdomen
  • Chapter 7: Legs - Muscle Isolation
  • Chapter 8: Legs - Complete Power
  • Chapter 9: Whole-Body Training for Cycling
$27.50 HK-Mastering-Cycling.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Mastering Cycling

If you're a serious rider, Mastering Cycling is an invaluable resource. It covers everything from technique instruction and refinement to workout plans, event training, and time-shaving strategies. Information on motivation, nutrition, and how to select the right club, coach, or event is also included. 

  • Chapter 1: The Masters Cyclist
  • Chapter 2: Same Sport, New Challenges
  • Chapter 3: Essential Bike Setup
  • Chapter 4: Training Off The Bike
  • Chapter 5: Training Indoors On The Bike
  • Chapter 6: Perfecting Bike-Handling Skills
  • Chapter 7: Planning a Performance Diet
  • Chapter 8: Preparing to Race
  • Chapter 9: Strategies for Every Event
  • Chapter 10: Dealing With Injuries and Setbacks
  • Chapter 11: Cycling for Life
$34.50 HK-Mastering-Mountain-Bike-Skills-2nd-Ed.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Ed

If you want to be able to tackle anything off-road, this book is a must-read. It lays out detailed, technical instruction for every kind of mountain biking (including racing) and features awesome photo sequences and demonstrations so you can see exactly what to do. An incredibly popular book; loads of people have bought a second copy so their friends can keep up with them!

  • Chapter 1: Choose Your Weapon
  • Chapter 2: Become One With Your Bike
  • Chapter 3: Make Great Power
  • Chapter 4: Brake Better to Go Faster
  • Chapter 5: Carve Any Corner
  • Chapter 6: Wheelie and Hop Over Anything
  • Chapter 7: Pump Terrain for Free Speed
  • Chapter 8: Drop Like A Feather
  • Chapter 9: Jump With the Greatest of Ease
  • Chapter 10: Flow on Any Trail
  • Chapter 11: Handle Crazy Conditions
  • Chapter 12: Avoid Injuries
  • Chapter 13: Race Like a Champ
$29.50 HK-Cycling-Past-50.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Cycling Past 50

Don't be fooled by the roadie on the cover; this book is designed for cyclists of every discipline. As cycling considerations change as we age, this book shows you how to make sure your post-50 cycling years are your best yet. It examines training, advanced workouts, injury prevention, fueling, physical adjustments, and, most importantly, the mental aspects of successful cycling. So if people tell you you should be slowing down "at your age" on the bike, chuck a copy of this at their heads.

  • Chapter 1: Riding Over the Hill
  • Chapter 2: Born to Ride
  • Chapter 3: Basic Training
  • Chapter 4: Advanced Training
  • Chapter 5: Testing Your Limits
  • Chapter 6: Racing
  • Chapter 7: Rest and Recovery
  • Chapter 8: Avoiding Injury
  • Chapter 9: Fueling
  • Chapter 10: Psyching
  • Chapter 11: The Cycling Community
  • Chapter 12: Fit Forever
$27 HK-Distance-Cycling.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Distance Cycling

Guess what this book's about? Oh, go on, do. Yup: every kind of long distance ride. It covers how to both select the best event suited to you and prepare for it, mentally and physically. Distance Cycling also includes conditioning programs, nutrition and equipment information, injury prevention, plus basic roadside maintenance, because BMCR unfortunately hasn't worked out a mechanist-projection platform yet. (We're working on it.) Also makes a perfect gift for the Audax member in your life!

  • Chapter 1: Going the Distance
  • Chapter 2: Selecting Your Event
  • Chapter 3: Baseline Conditioning
  • Chapter 4: Fueling the Distance Cyclist
  • Chapter 5: Gearing Up for the Long Haul
  • Chapter 6: Preparing Your Body to Go the Distance
  • Chapter 7: Conquering the Century and 200K
  • Chapter 8: Ultimate Training for Ultra Events
  • Chapter 9: Mastering the Multiday
  • Chapter 10: Ultradistance Riding
  • Chapter 11: Preventing Injury
$27 HK-Cycling-Fast.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Cycling Fast

You've mastered your bike. You've mastered the road. And now you want to master other people. (Bear with us; this is going somewhere.) Cycling Fast is for those who want to crush their competition - it's got all the essential info for picking the right event, preparing yourself mentally and physically, crucial bike-handling skills, and what to do on race day. (Podium speeches not included.)

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started
  • Chapter 2: Gearing Up
  • Chapter 3: Choosing Your Race
  • Chapter 4: Preparing Your Body for Competition
  • Chapter 5: Mastering the Skills
  • Chapter 6: Racing Strategies
  • Chapter 7: Focusing on the Finish
  • Chapter 8: Nutrition and Hydration
  • Chapter 9: Year-Round Conditioning
  • Chapter 10: Pursuing Long-Term Goals
$36 HK-Where-To-Ride.jpg model Click image to view

Model: Where To Ride? Adelaide

(This isn't a Human Kinetics book but hopefully they don't mind sharing the page.) Think you've done every ride there is in Adelaide? Think again, buddy. Not just for tourists, Where To Ride Adelaide is pretty much guaranteed to turn up a couple of routes you've never heard of, let alone been on. This spiral-bound book details 46 rides -- road and off-road -- for every kind of fitness level. Marvel at the TDU Barossa's altitude map! Decide it's too hard and do the Dry Creek Trails instead! Each ride comes with a detailed log, terrain graph, traffic details, food stop information (Glenelg: lots; Mt Crawford: ha ha haa! No.), plus lots of other interesting tidbits. Did you know Sevenhill makes both sacramental and commercial wine, and has its own church and burial crypt? And apparently the Scenic Hotel at Norton Summit will refill water bottles "happily". But probably not with beer, alas.

$30 (autographs free!) The-Fortunes-of-Ruby-White.jpg model Click image to view

Model: The Fortunes of Ruby White

OK, this isn't a Human Kinetics book either. And it has nothing to do with cycling*. But it was written by a member of BMCR, so we figured we'd sneak it in. It's a black comedy about the ethics of keeping your job, and a satire of the New Age scene. (Someone had to do it.) So if you've ever bought an aromatherapy candle that didn't work, or thought that John Edward is just rather good at reading people and taking their money, you might really enjoy The Fortunes of Ruby White.

It also makes an excellent gift for partners who may feel like you've been neglecting them in favour of your bike recently.

You can also get it signed by the author for free!

(* There is one mention of bike riding. But only one.)